• NCRTC National Capital Region Transport Corporation, New Delhi, India.
    Coenraad Esveld was appointed Advisor for Slab Track, February 2019;
  • Infraspeed Maintenance BV: Advising on track maintenance and optimization of vehicle track interaction;
  • ProRail: Floating Slab Track Vught;
  • Province of Utrecht: advising on tramway track structure for the Uithoflijn (2015);
  • Mumbai Metro One, India: advising on track related issues (2015);
  • Advisor to Yapi Merkezi / Yapiray for various railway projects;
  • Participating in PwC audit of asset management process at ProRail;
  • Advisor to ERS Railways for investigations into the derailment near Vleuten;
  • INFRASPEED, Infra provider HSL-South, The Netherlands: Advisor and reviewer of the design process;
  • Korean High Speed Rail Corporation (KHSRC): Advisor for track design and member of SITAC (Special International Track Advisory Committee);
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC): Invited expert in a conciliation on a design claim by the Contractor;
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC): Invited expert in an arbitration case;
  • High-speed project Turkey, advisor to Yapi Merkezi;
  • Turkish State Railways TCDD: Investigation of the Train accident near Pamukova;
  • Life Cycle Cost study for Korean Rail Research Institute, together with Booz, Allen, Hamilton;
  • Professional services and activities related to the project “CAR LAB: Diagnostic vehicle for railway signalling system control. A project by MerMec, Italy, for the Mumbai Suburban Railway System in India;
  • Gemeente Amsterdam, Dienst IVV, development of a track quality assessment system for Amsterdam Metro;
  • Advisor to COWI Denmark for vibration measurement on Brenner Eisenbahn in Austria;
  • Advisor to Horvat & Partners for derailment investigations in The Netherlands;
  • Advisor to XL Insurance for derailment investigation on Randstad Rail in The Netherlands;
  • Dutch Advisory Board for Safety: study of a derailment near Amsterdam;
  • ProRail (Dutch Infra Manager): various studies on the track quality and maintenance standards;
  • Madrid Metro, Spain:  Carried out a study in cooperation with Delft university on life cycle management, track structure optimization, track standards, track recording cars and maintenance management;
  • Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany: Various studies on vehicle track interaction and track deterioration;
  • Heavy Axle Load Studies for Banverket, Sweden: Study, together with Zeta-Tech in the US, for increasing the axle loads on the iron ore line in northern Sweden and Norway;
  • London Underground, UK: Studies were carried out on the optimization of the wheel rail interface based on measurements with the MINIPROF system, as well as a track replacement study;
  • Southern Railway Project in Sydney, Australia: Together with TU Delft a study was carried out on the choice of track components;
  • Voest Alpine, Austria: Second opinion on the design of an expansion joint for the Kap Shui Mun Bridge in Hong Kong;
  • Plasser & Theurer, Austria: Various consulting works on track maintenance applications;
  • SPOORNET, South Africa: Network inspection and advise on improving track components and maintenance strategy;
  • Metro Amsterdam: studies on wheel rail interface optimization and track maintenance strategies; advices on design problems with new lines;
  • Europoint, The Netherlands: Organizing various conferences and seminars, such as Rail-Tech Europe;
  • UIC/ORE/ERRI: Project management of various research projects, such as D202 on Track Stability;
  • Great Belt Bridge: Advisor to ARCADIS for the dynamic analysis of the bridge transitions;

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