Track Stability and Longitudinal Forces


Robust and convenient software for design and analysis of continuous welded rail track.

Key features

  • Track stability analysis and safety

  • Analysis of longitudinal forces

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface

  • Quick model generation via special WIZARDS

Type of Structures

  • Straight track

  • Curved track

  • Embedded rail structures

  • Ballast bridge interaction (including effect of end rotation)

  • Multi span bridges with parallel tracks

Type of Loads

  • Longitudinal, lateral and vertical forces

  • Thermal, mechanical and dynamic loads

  • Complete train loads, uplift wave

Type of Analyses

  • 3-D structural static and dynamic

  • Pre- and post-buckling

  • 3-Dimensional ballast yielding as a function of vertical force

Graphical User Interface

  • Window-oriented pre- and post- processors

  • Extensive help options  

Model Wizards

The easiest way to create a model. The following Wizards are available in the standard configuration of LONGSTAB:

  • Conventional railway track (buckling and creep analysis)

  • Conventional railway track on a bridge

  • Embedded rail structure

  • Embedded rail structure on a bridge

Wizards for other structures can be ordered

Let us make a wizard for a structure you want to analyze!   Hardware PC (Windows XP and higher)  


Services, Support and Training

  • LONGSTAB program for purchase under license

  • Training tailored to the needs of the future user to optimize the benefits gained from the software

  • Maintenance and updating of the LONGSTAB software

  • Development of model wizards for specific problems