Clearance gauge measurement with Laser mounted on TEC Trolley


Recently a laser add on was developed for the TEC-1435 trolley which makes it possible to measure structural gauge and objects whose sizes exceed Ų10 mm, including, among others: light signals, tunnels, platforms, inter track space, as well as height of the contact wire, poles, and other elements within 7 m from the track axis. Measurements of the clearance gauge elements may be carried out during the track geometry measurements.


Clearance gauge measurement is carried out after stopping the trolley, when the operator aims the laser beam to the selected point. The distance from the measured point to the track axis is displayed on the trolley keyboard. Measurement results, along with the object location, are stored in the trolley's electronic memory. Measurement error does not exceed ± 5 mm. The trolley's memory contents is transferred to the PC when the measurement session is over. The PC software can print the clearance gauge inventory sheets.


Clearance gauge inventory sheet

Measurement venue and date
15 Apr. 2004 10:08 am
Line: 123 - HURKO - KROWNIKI (SZ)
Section: 1 - toharbour
Track: 2
Route: ABC
Mileage: -0.078

Object: lightsignalSz2N

Measurement parameters
Curve: 342 [m]- left
Clearance gauge type: A
Clearance gauge widening: 120.0
Extra space: none


The trolley is manufactured by GRAW in Poland. For further details please refer to Esveld Consulting Services at