Shipment of 4 RAILPROF units to Korea                Training at KORAIL












On 09-03-2017 four RAILPROF units were shipped via Kumchun System to Korea for KORAIL.



Jan. 2017

RAILPROF now controlled by Windows Phone

The PDA, used in the past, was replaced by a Windows Phone operating on Windows 10. For this purpose, the software was completely redesigned.


July 2016

Congratulations to Prof. Manuel Melis Maynar with his new book

dealing with lateral track train dynamics and the theories of Hertz and Kalker.


July 2016

Agreement for Thai version of Modern Railway Track

In July an agreement was signed with the Thai Railway Engineering Association for the translation of Modern Railway Track.

March 2015

Website for smartphones

We recently created a mobile version of our website with Adobe Muse. The screen size is automatically recognized and smartphones are then connected to the mobile version of our site. The mobile version just provides the most necessary information.


November 2015

Uithoflijn Utrecht

Advising the Province of Utrecht


November 2015

Mumbai Metro One, India

Visit to Mumbai Metro One on 17 and 18 November for advising on track related issues.


September 2015

University of Rome: SIIV SUMMER SCHOOL 2015, 7th – 11th September 2015, Management and Maintenance of Civil Infrastructures



Prof. Coenraad Esveld will make a contribution for railway engineering, with a two hours presentation entitled: Track Maintenance Optimization.


Program – Presentation Coenraad Esveld


The Summer School was very successful, with various interesting presentations, in particular from the participating Ph.D. students. Below a photograph of the participants.


May 2015

Yapi Merkezi / Yapiray


Since end of 2014 Coenraad Esveld is adviser to Yapi Merkezi / Yapiray for track related problems. In may a 2 days meeting in Istanbul took place to discuss a broad spectrum of subjects such as slabtrack, track maintenance, quality aspects, innovative track maintenance methods, various track related software, increase of axle loads and the impact on design and maintenance and various actual projects.


October 2014

Digital Version of Modern Railway Track


The Digital version of Modern Railway Track has been released in pdf format and can be ordered via The price is € 50.

I am presently working on an ePub and a mobi version for publication via the Apple Store and Amazon respectively.


After more than 10 years, and with the upcoming digital techniques, it is the right time to publish a digital version. The present edition MRT-3 is in fact a digital copy of the original Second edition, with all errata corrected and with some minor updates.

It is intended to update the book in the next couple of years to the actual state of technology, with emphasis on weld treatment and slab track. But also contact mechanics, track components and the new EN standards will be treated. That digital version will be published as MRT-4

For suggestions on improvements or enhancements please contact me at


At under ‘Downloads’ and then ‘Additional Downloads’ you can find pdf files of my lectures, conference presentations and a basic railway course in Dutch.


Coenraad Esveld







October 2014

Finally, the Chinese version of Modern Railway Track was released. The book can be ordered directly from the publishing house in China from China Railway Publishing House

August 2014

All RAILPROF activities have been taken over by RAILPROF INSTRUMENTS. For all services please call at:


Michiel van Loonstaat 23a

NL-4247 ES Kedichem

Tel: +31(0)183564924 en



By the end of 2013 Esveld Consulting Services will no longer use fax services (+31 418 516372) and will also discontinue the telephone number +31 418 516369.

The only valid telephone number remaining is +31 6 543 683 60.


Today we launched our new website. If you are missing anything or have any suggestions, please let us know via Thank you.

28-30 October 2013


Download the presentation of Coenraad Esveld


Rolf Dollevoet and Coenraad Esveld, the new professor of railway engineering and the previous professor, both attended the conference.


Coenraad Esveld                                                         Rolf Dollevoet

24 October 2013

Inaugural speech of Rolf Dollevoet, professor of railway engineering at TU Delft. I am very proud on my successor and wish him every success in his new job!

April 2013

TV Interview South Korean News SBS

On 15 April 2013 Coenraad Esveld gave a Skype interview to SBS News on the problems with high-speed track in the second section of the KTX high-speed line.

November 2012

Seminar Belgrade 22-11-2012


On 22 November 2012 Coenraad Esveld gave a seminar for the Serbian Railways in Belgrade, with the title ‘Track Maintenance and Renewal – Best Practice’.


Download presentation

March 2012

Modern Railway Track Chinese Edition
The book Modern Railway Track has been translated into Chinese by Professor Wang of Southwest Jiao Tong University and will be published December 2012.

March 2012

Visit of Yapi Merkezi
On 16 March 2012 chairman of Yapi Merkezi Dr Ersin Arioglu visited Dr. Esveld to discuss a number of items concerning the Turkish high-speed line between Ankara and Konya. The meeting was held at the office of ALOM (Mr. Edwin Aerts). In the discussion on quality control the new welding standards used at ProRail were extensively discussed and Mr. Ruud van Bezooijen, one of the principle advisors to ProRail for rail and welding issues, demonstrated the RAILPROF measuring device and explained how the measurements are used in practice.




1.     Ruud van Bezooijen demonstrating the RAILPROF,

2.     Discussion Dr. Arioglu and Dr. Esveld,

3.     Dr. Esveld receives a piece of the first rail of Ankara Konya

28 June 2011

Seminar on Noise and Vibration


On 28 June 2011 a seminar on Noise and Vibration was held in Ankara, Turkey, hosted by TCDD in cooperation with ALOM, LINK and Amorim. After some background on the theory and the principles applicable for vibration reduction and mitigating measures, various practical solutions were presented and discussed. Under Sleeper Pads (USP) were considered as one of the most cost-effective measures for reducing vibration propagation. The principle is based on lowering the natural frequency and this requires a relatively large mass on a soft spring. A natural frequency of 20 Hz, above which vibrations will be reduced, should be considered as the maximum achievable for this kind of solutions. Furthermore, softer rail pads will have a positive effect on confining the transmission of forces in the higher frequencies and thus will enhance the life cycle of the track structure. But also the short wave irregularities in the rail running surface and the wheel running surface should be controlled, as they are the primary source for generating high frequency force excitations. For this reason, it was emphasized that quality control and monitoring is of prime importance. In this context Dr. Esveld presented the new force-based weld geometry standards used by ProRail in The Netherlands and the RAILPROF measuring device.

May 2011

Cooperation with ALOM


On 2 May 2011 Coenraad Esveld and Edwin Aerts, Director of ALOM BV in Arkel, The Netherlands, signed an agreement for cooperation. ALOM is a supplier of track components, such as rail pads, fastening systems and sleepers. An important focus is polyurethane and crock rubber for application in high speed rail and for noise and vibration mitigation solutions.


May 2011

Japanese version of Modern Railway Track released



Preface to the Japanese edition of Modern Railway Track


The first edition of Modern Railway Track, published in 1989, was translated into Japanese by my colleague and friend Dr. Yoshihiko Sato in 1993. It was also Dr. Sato who provided the necessary input on Japanese track technology and practice for the second edition.


Nowadays an important focus is on high-speed track technology, as high-speed networks are expanding rapidly, especially in Asia and Europe. Japan was the initiator and pioneer of high-speed technology, later followed by France and other European countries. Although the French network mainly comprises of traditional ballasted track, Japan strongly focused on slab track, with the well-known and successful J-Slab. Studies on life cycle cost and availability have shown the great potential of non-ballasted tracks and their great advantages of maintenance reduction. This has now emerged to large scale slab track applications worldwide, with Shinkansen J-Slab and the German Rheda2000 as the leading solutions.


It was a great honor and pleasure when I received the letter of Mr. Toshihiko Kunihiro, General Manager Track & Structures Department of the West Japanese Railway Company, to ask my approval for the translation of Modern Railway Track – Second Edition – into Japanese, which I of course readily accepted. It was Dr. Kenzo Tokuoda, former Senior Executive Managing Director of JR-West and a highly respected railway engineer, who carried out the tedious translation job. I would like to express my great appreciation to him for his dedicated work, making my book more accessible to the Japanese railway community.

Zaltbommel, August 2010

Coenraad Esveld


February 2011

Seminar on high-speed lines in Asia and Europe at the Technical University of Madrid
This seminar was organized by the University of Madrid, on the initiative of Prof. Manuel Melis. For program click here. There were contributions from China Prof H. Xia and Prof W. Zhai), Korea (Dr. K. In-Jae), Taiwan (Prof. T.C. Kao), Germany (Prof. Stephan Freudenstein) and The Netherlands (Prof. Coenraad Esveld). It was quite impressive to hear about the progress in China, where by the end of 2011 the high-speed route length will be about 13,000 km, which will be increased in 2020 to around 30,000 km. In the next 5 years China will invest € 400 billion in railways. The long term route length for high-speed lines in Spain is in the order of 3,500 km, Japan 2,500 km, France 2,000 km and Germany 1,400 km.




Beijing-Shanghai 1,318 km, 80 % bridges, Vmax = 380 km/h, travel time 4 hours, 230 trains per day, 160 million passengers/year.

October 2010

The program LONGSTAB for the analysis of longitudinal forces and stability has been modified and is now compatible with Windows 7.

October 2010

New Release of PDA software 4.1 for RAILPROF
In this new release automatic connection to the GPRS network has been resolved.

17-18 May 2010

CETRA 2010
From 17 -18 May the First International Conference on Road and Rail Infrastructure was held in Opatija, Croatia. Coenraad Esveld was invited for a keynote address entitled Recent Developments in High-Speed Track. To download the paper click here.

22 January 2010

New software release for RAILPROF PDA

A new version of the RAILPROF PDA software is released with the following new features: built-in ftp client for wireless transfer of measurement files. The files are stored on the ftp server in the directory \\Job\Welder. At any time the welder can push the button ‘Send FTP’ to send all the measuring files not yet transmitted. A copy of the files remains on the SD card of the PDA. Furthermore, additional speed classes have been added, especially in the lower speed range for metro and tram applications. The third point is that the RAILPROF will be kept awake as long as the operator is working in the measuring menu on the PDA. Normally the RAILPROF is switches off after 10 minutes of not being used.

December 2009

Announcement of new software release for RAILPROF PDA

Around 1 December 2009 a new version of the RAILPROF PDA software will be released.

6 October 2009

Article in first Digital Issue of European Railway Review

Article of Coenraad Esveld as pdf

July 2009

Distributorship Agreement with Japan

In July 2009 Sumitomo Metal Technology, INC. (SMT) and Esveld Consulting Services BV (ECS) signed an agreement in which SMT was granted the distributorship of the RAILPROF products for the Japanese market.

15 April 2009

Visit of SMT-Railway (Nippon Steel)
A delegation of Sumitomo Metal Technology, Japan, was in Holland to discuss cooperation for distributing the RAILPROF in Japan. Pictures were taken at De Rooy Slijpbedrijf in Nuenen, where tests were carried out with the RAILPROF on precision ground and measured rail pieces. The precision measurements were done with a Mitutoyo 3D Coordinates measuring machine.

06 April 2009

New version 3.2 of RAILPROF Desktop Software, was delivered to Volker Rail for assessment of corrugation and rail grinding results. This version contains 3 extra wavebands: 10 – 30 mm, 30 – 100 mm and 100 – 300 mm, for which the following parameters are calculated: average wavelength, exceedence percentage of standard, average amplitude and grinding depth.

March 2009

WeldRegister is nu ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar onder de naam LasRegister.

De Nederlandse versie draait thans bij RailOK en Strukton. BAM heeft het systeem aangekocht.

13 March 2009

New version 3.1.1 of RAILPROF Desktop software, solving the problem of correctly showing menus on screens with a vertical resolution lower than 850 dpi.

January 2009

European Railway Review: Industry Focus 2009
Some Aspects of Track Design by Coenraad Esveld

22-29 November 2008

Site Visit and Advice to Mumbai Railways and Seminar on New Technologies
Advised on maintenance issues and decision support systems for a World Bank project lead by MerMec, Italy. It was quite impressive to experience that both Central Railways and Western Railways carry 60 MGT per annum for passenger traffic. In the Netherlands the average figure is less than 10 % of this value. The possibilities for carrying out track maintenance are very restricted due to possession time and track access conditions.
New maintenance and inspection technologies were presented by Professor Coenraad Esveld in a seminar held on 26 November, with amongst others the following topics:

     Impact of rail and wheel surface problems;

     Grinding technology;

     Importance of resilience. Use of USP (under sleeper pads) and more resilient polyurethane rail pads;

     New weld geometry standards developed by Delft University of Technology for ProRail;

     Demo of WeldRegister Pocket PC for the wireless transmission of inspection data and RAILPROF measuring files and the use of the WeldRegister Access database.